Friday, August 01, 2008

IKEA 2009 Catalog Launch ---New York (and USA)

Did you know? Even seasoned IKEA fans will be surprised with the new IKEA catalog. If last year's theme was color, this year theme is simplicity, organizing, and comfort. IKEA's new catalog will offer new products and items, at affordable prices and up to 25 years warranty.

The first impressive item is the ergonomic pillow, my favorite. Pillows have been designed to satisfy all kind of sleepers: the back sleeper, the side sleeper and the stomach sleeper (Did you know? Because I didn't!). In this way, support is provided for the head and neck and the strain on the muscles is reduced. Most pillows are from weight-sensitive foam filling which molds to your body shape so that you get proper support and can relax while sleeping. On top of that, side and back sleepers can combine the outer pillow and core for even more comfort. Pillows are made from cotton and/or polyester and prices start as low as $8.99! Visit

The majority of upholstery has now removable and washable covers in florals, stripes and solids that can be easily machine washed at home, just mix, match and renew. So, you can buy extra covers for your sofa or armchair and be prepared for whenever the makeover mood strikes! Visit for this colorful news!

And I won't say much because a picture says it all: the new PAX wardrobe with KOMPLEMENT interiors that keep tabs on your clothes and accessories. Choose from 18 doors, 5 colors and 10-year warranty. So, it's so easy to find what you are looking for! For good! Look at the picture to see what I mean at:

So, if you can't wait for your new catalog in mid-August, visit the website to preview the new products. New Yorkers can now visit the new IKEA store in Brooklyn by getting the shuttle from Court street or just the IKEA water taxi!