Friday, January 12, 2007

Neurotic New Yorkers, alcoholic Londoners

When it comes down to New Yorkers, they all seem to have one problem or three. That makes the city a real heaven for therapists. My new NY friend, native New Yorker, was complaining on the phone the other day that he had either the flu or a sinus (he wasn’t sure) and couldn’t go to work for a few days. And guess what, that means that he is not making any money since he is in sales (if you don’t work, you don’t sell). So he was bitching against life and all the consequences, viruses, the weather and sales jobs! Another acquaintance, a lady who is in the process of doing a PhD for the last decade or so had a strict deadline to submit 100 pages of her dissertation the first week of January. She didn’t do it therefore she might be penalized by the College (if they hadn’t done it all those previous ten years, why they should it now?). She was blaming the holiday season, Christmas dinners and the New Year (getting older?) and the obnoxious relatives visiting. Those are two, close to me examples of neurotic New Yorkers. Don’t get me started with numerous others who have alimonies to pay, have recently lost their wallet, can’t loose those extra pounds, whining about Donald Trump who is responsible for the excessively priced housing market in the city (yeah!!!). Every single one has a problem or two. Since I moved to New York, I can better understand Woody Allen films. Obsessed individuals with their little daily habits, neurotic human beings who do not know what they really want but also what their real issue is. What I think it is, it’s probably the fact that they are not satisfied with their choices; that's the reason they have to complain about them all the time. The most famous of all, Woody Allen himself, a real New Yorker, the real neurotic one who, not surprisingly, made a career out of it. Also the cleverest!

Londoners, on the other hand, are the posh ones. Even if they have one or two problems, they are cautious and boundary and quiet. Londoners rarely talk openly about themselves and with the exception of the weather and how expensive the capital is, do not complain about anything else. They are well-dressed (not always in the same pair of jeans New Yorkers…), speak confidently on their mobile (i.e. cell phone) while browsing the racks of Top Shop or Jigsaw. There is only one minor problem: alcohol. Every decent Londoner (and Brit as well) should start drinking around 5 pm in the local pub. By 10 pm is drunk as a skunk. Unique remedy is going home by taxi followed by an amazingly greasy fry-up the following morning in the same pub – if they are not ashamed (because they made fool of themselves the previous night). You can’t say anything about it – that’s a British tradition! Although I don’t really know where this tradition comes from, I was one of those people who personally experienced it multiple times. Not cool!

Yes, if New York is the heaven for therapists, London is definitely the heaven for the AA.

Events in the Cities:

Neurotic Woody Allen is playing his clarinet with the Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band. Every Mon through June 11, $95, show starts at 8:45 (dinner reservations recommended for better seating), Cafe Carlyle, 35 E. 76th St (between Madison and Park), 212-744-1600

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Second Chance Tuesday
Second Chance Tuesday is back by popular demand on Tuesday 23 January 2007. The event starts at 6.30pm at the The Royal Commonwealth Society, 25 Northumberland Avenue, London. Entry is by guest list only and costs £20 payable in advance - a welcome drink will be served. Visit to register.

Second Chance Tuesday is an event for anyone who believes in the power of the internet to
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mingle with London’s leading entrepreneurs and investors (as well as some older and wiser
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