Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Village Choice Eats

The 3rd Annual Village Voice culinary event, the Choice Eats was held on Monday night. As a first timer to the event, I didn't know what to expect so I got organized before hand: I checked the participating restaurants, I made a list of those I would definitely try and crossed those I wouldn't. By 6pm when I arrived for the VIP "session", I was certain that it would be an ambitious culinary and entertaining event. And this was the case. I started with Fette Sau’s smoked pork belly plate, a pure delight for a carnivore and then strolled towards Xie Xie’s braised pork with tart shallots, another delightful experience. I skipped Fort Defiance’s deviled eggs with pickled mustard seeds and smoked black peppers (732 of which were given away to the foodies of the event) and looked for more extreme gastronomic experiences. I expected more from Vanderbilt's duck pate with confit gizzard, I liked Mooncake Foods spicy thai salad, grilled chicken and buckwheat noodles with cilantro mint pesto and for the first time I tried the world-known South African street food -the bunny chow (a crusty bread filled with lamb-curry, hunks of potato and mango chutney) courtesy of Bunny Chow. I also experienced the unique spicy cold noodles of Xi’an Famous Foods. But my congratulations will go to the Bao Haus signature bao -the Niman Ranch Skirtsteak bao served with crushed peanut, cilantro, haus relish and Taiwanese red sugar. Yes, the long line was worth the wait!

A great thank you to the Village Voice Choice Eats: thank you because you gave us the chance to taste unique foods -with an Asian focus-of restaurants that not easily accessible. Now I know that New York is definitely one of the most interesting culinary cities in the world, offering not only pizza but even bunny chow.